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April 27, 2022
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1x2 Network Launched Bonus Upgrader

The developer of slot machines and software for the online casino industry 1×2 network officially announced the introduction of a new bonus tool under the name bonus upgrader. It allows users to instantly access the whole set of advanced features.

A novelty, awarded high rating as "free from other bonus functions product on the market," allows you to choose which of the slot wants to access customers. Such a technology, according to its developers, better controls the gameplay. Indition, users can also control the volatility of the device by activating specific functions and adjustment of the size of the rates for each of them.

"Bonus upgrader is part of our broader layers on the development of slots and bonus functions that provide the best gaming experience and ultimate give users more control over their time. The presented release of the purchase of a bonus and in general, updates it, allowing you to choose, to which one you need to open access. He also makes it possible to set the level on which the client wants to receive a reward. It is truly unique, "explained the essence of the novelties head of business development and marketing in 1×2 network jason bradbury.

Indition, the company plans to run the bonus of slots developed by its of slots developed by its subsidiars 1x2gaming and iron dog studio. The first feature will try on the rock the reels megaways slot.

The release of development folles the company’s exit to the danish market in early november. Here the 1×2 network brand launched its own online casino directory. In this jurisdiction, his exclusive partner became the famous operator 888.

Recall, playson entrenched in the ignoal market of europe after launching partnership with fortuna entertainment group.

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