2021th Beats Hacker Records, 2022th Promises To Be Even Worse

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August 16, 2022
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The internet security question is becoming increasingly relevant, and next year everything will become worse. Including for the bookmakers online, which often have «prochi» in defense.

2021th beats hacker records, 2022th promises to be even worse

According to theft resource center (itrc), at the end of september, the number of data leaks exceeded the total number of leaks in 2020 by 17%. As for the edition of help net security is full of skepticism and expects further escalation of the situation.

It leads predictions of an experian analytical company (the company is engaged in compiling consumer loan reports), which will be relevant in 2022:

  • Cybertainemia will continue: last year, due to the core trend, the safety system did not cope with the ever-changing conditions, which led to the emergence of a huge number of vulnerable places. This year, the situation was aggravated due to the appearance of digital certificates. Experts insist that next year will be even worse.
  • Platforms for online gambling will also be attacked. So, players bc, especially new, are subect to phishing attempts through dubious references and resources. Live hacks are also expected due to the usually low-quality protection level of gambling sites.
  • Cryptophanates will also have to be disadvantanded, digital assets moved to mainstream, non-fungible tokens. This has expanded the demographics of potential victims. In addition, the proportion of legal transactions increased, which was sometimes subjected to attacks. It became obvious that these funds are much more vulnerable than previously thought.
  • Many kiberatak will be directed against state and non-governmental organizations. And more and more attack will be aimed at systemic support of physical objects, such as power grids, dams, transport infrastructure.

Experian data breach resolution vice president noted that while the planet struggles hard with a pandemic, organizations around the world are also trying to increase their safety and protect against constantly emerging new methods of hacker intervention. Therefore, companies should not just try to match «new normality», strengthen security protocols, as well as develop an action plan for data leakage, hacking. Special fear of experts causes an increased twice amount of ramnsomware, that is, hacker software for extortion.

And at this time, to ensure the safety of users, roskomnadzor limited the access of russian citizens to the next service of vpn.

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