3 Illegal Casinos Were Found In The Netherlands

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May 23, 2022
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3 Illegal Casinos Were Found in the Netherlands

On wednesday evening, may 26, 2021., the netherlands games (ksa) was assisted in a regional interventions group in limburg. Vello municipality, police and ksa at the same time conducted raids in 3 illegal casinos. The raid was produced at 2 office space, cafe and house over it.

Cooperation partners are satisfied with the result. Mayor scholten van vero:

"For venos, it im important to deal with illegal gambling games. By this we protect our youth, we do not give criminals the opportunity to wash the money and stop the foci of the possible illegal turnover of drugs. Moreover, this criminal activity causes many unrest and inconveniences in the area. We will continue to take action against it. ".


  • 3 illegal casino
  • 22 people found in the raids
  • Cash seized in the amount of more thank 12,000 euros
  • Ksa confiscated 19 illegal slot machines, including illegal toto / lotto machines. All cabinets are removed immediately
  • Confiscated 1 rolex watch.
  • 2 arrest for money laundering

One of the slots showed turnover of 100,000 euros per monh, the remaining 18 are still under investigation.

Source: official website of the netherlands gambling commission

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