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April 25, 2022
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In Ukraine, Support The Legalization Of Gambling Business

Commission for the regulation of gambling and lotteries of ukraine (kreel) together with info sapience conducted a large-scale study of the local entertainment market. The work was named "the attitude of ukrainians to gambingu". Its goal was to study the process of legalization of this industry of the economy.

The survey was conduced by personal interviews. Representatives of info sapience carried out the apartment by analyzing the answers of citizens from 18 years and above. A total of 1,000 people were interviewed in different regions of ukraine. The maximum theoretical error of the data presented was 3.2%.

A short summary of research at a special press conference was announced by the expert of the company info sapience andrei kravchenko: "the absolute majority of ukraine and this is 92.3%, they reported that they never encountered the sphere of gambling entertinment. 7.2% of respondents would like to test their luck in the money game. At the same time, part of the citizens, which supports at least one argument in favor of legalizing gembling in ukraine, is 43.2% ".

According to the head of kuil anton kuchukhidze, such studies make it possible to prove to opponents of this process, that the ratification of the law on the development of gambling business in the country will allow ukraine to loudly declare themselves in the international arena and show its openness to foreign partners.

"Today, the most important thing is that the states of the control mechanisms of this sector of the economy appear. Now it is clear what operators are legal, and where them work dishonest. There is social responsibility. However, the market must be more investing in projects on advertising not their brands, but the culture of the game. Crael and ugc are not just suggested to accept the memorandum of goembling popularization. Is important that the market has a single opinion and did everything together. Now there is not enough social projects from representatives of this industry, "said first deputy head of the consulting and expert council of the boris baum regulator.

Anton kuchukhidze added that krail will continue to continue to study the gambling market of ukraine, putting such studies on the flow.

Recall, the chairman of krail said that ukraine confidently goes to 1.5 billion hryvnia income from the sale of gambling licenses.

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