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January 11, 2022
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Gambling company 888 continues to improve the indicators and demonstrates the positive dynamics of revenues in the afternoon.

888 Fixed Improved Indicators

Gambling company 888 published a trade report before promuling its results for the year. The document demonstrates positive dynamics in the second half of 2018. The operator explained that his progress in europe continues to gain momentum, since the company is concentrated on improving its products.

According to 888, ebitda for the year will correspond to the company’s expectations. Itay feriberger, ceo 888, noted:

«888 is inspired by new possibilities of long-term growth in the us market. Throughout the year we have sought significant operational success in the region. The newly announced acquisition of the remaining share in aapn puts 888 to an even more favorable position to take advantage of significant growth in the united states and create additional value to our shareholders. Relying on the technological potential, as well as our fantastic team and diversification on products and regulated markets, we hope for long-term growth prospects 888».

Earlier, 888 announced the launch of a new software that combines the gamers of three states on one platform.

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