A Dilemma Stood In Front Of Mcgregor: Serrone Or Ferguson

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February 1, 2022
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The term of punishment of mcgregor is known, but its next opponent is officially not called. In this case, the situation becomes all confusing. Trying to figure it out.

A Dilemma Stood In Front Of McGregor: Serrone or Ferguson
Content: 1. Conor loves to throw calls in «twitter»2. Real contenders for battle with mcgregor

Conor loves to throw calls in «twitter»

Conor mcgregor – large social network lovers. In them, he regularly discusses the fight, quarrels with the fighters and talks about his greatness (though, in recent times, almost all of his posts concern advertising their temples). Ande network, the irendan after the decision of the athletic commission of nevada agreed or caused three athletes to fight: anderson silva, nait diaz and donald serrone. You can still add an attempt once again to hurt nurmagomedov and a mockery over floyd maeveter, but it was not direct calls of rivals.

Read more about mcgregor calls on twitter can be found in a separate material.

Two of the three we can cross out from applicants. Despite the fact that silva in an interview was made of interest in such a fight, the head of ufc dana white respondd to this idea negatively: «no, i don’t like this fight». So, about this meeting you can forget (at least in the near future).

Next from this list you can exclude diaz. The brothers do not plan to return to mma. This information also confirmed white and the eldest of the nickname brothers.

Real contenders for battle with mcgregor

Donald serrone remains. And at the moment it is the cowboy sems to be the most real candidate for a meeting with irish. First, about interest in the duel, both fighters were announced. Secondly, despite the fact that officially dana did not report that the parties came to the agreement, «twitter» ufc has already begun to warm up interest in battle.

Thirdly, we can assume the date and place of battle. At least, an american himself hinted at his instagram himself. In the photo depicted beer and whiskey and in the signature – flags of the usa and ireland and the date – july 6. It is worth noting that the ufc website does not yet have information about the ivent on this date.

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@budweiser vs @properwhiskey ???????? ???????? July 6th

Publication from donald cerrone (@cowboycerrone) feb 27, 2019 at 7:46 pst

But if you thought you can exhale, then don’t rush to do it. In the case of the cowboy and the irish can intervene el cukui, he is tony ferguson. Recently, both fighters have verified in long-suffering «twitter».

El cukui – also a big amateur to call opponents with the help of social networks. Previously, he trid to provoke habib nurmagomedov. More details – here.

Tony in her post called mcgregor to his copy from the past and promised to test the coneer’s right chin. Irelander replied that he prays for the health of ferguson.

“No sauce mcnuggets” @thenotoriousmma just a replica of a former self he used to be. I’ve got a solid right hand to test that chin of his. How sweet it is, -tiramisu tuesday pic.Twitter.Com / kgnjheexsc

— tony ferguson (@tonyfergusonxt)

february 26, 2019.

Taking into account the fact that nurmagomedov will be absent for nine months due to disqualification, with a large probability of the organization will introduce title «temporary championship» in light weight. And the one who wins him will receive the right to challenge the belt already with the russian. And fergie, and conor want a battle with dagestan. This development is confirmed by espn, and the father of habiba in his instagram shares the screenshot news with a comment: «now you are on the right track».

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Now you are on the right track .

Publication from abdulmanap_nurmagomedov (@abdulmanap.Nurmagomedov) feb 27, 2019 at 8:57 pst

Only the question remains: «when?». Nurmagomedov does not want to return before the end of the disqualification of their friends. Coach habiba, javier mendez, confirmed that his ward will go into octave at the end of 2019, from october to decept. But if at this time the championship protection passes, when the fight for the temporary title will pass? Will there be enough forces for the coniron to spend three fights during the year and not the easiest? For the last time, he was turned in 2016: two fights with diaz and meeting with eddie alvarez. But at the same time, the first duel was held in march.

According to available information, the first meeting will be held against serrone in july. In this case, accommodate the other two fights in the 2019th becomes very difficult, but not impossible. The main thing is that the conference not only whiskey sold, but also trained. By the way, about whiskey: recently, darren till called the mcgregor’s drink baseline and also caused the notorious. Probably resentment for its product will push the irish to go out in octave even earlier.

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