A Disabled Person Sues The Artists Who Shot In Advertising “Cashbury”

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January 12, 2022
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Stars of russian show business, including nikolay baskov and olga buzova, can become participants in scandalous disassembly around the financial pyramid «cashbury». Artists performed on corporate iventa on the occasion of the company’s birthday and actively advertised it.

A disabled person sues the artists who shot in Advertising 'Cashbury'

The disabled person of the first group from anapa dmitry kuzhnikov intends to sue the performers who introduced him and still dozens of thousands of deceived citizens. According to the depositor, all his money went on medicines and the means catastrophically lacked. The man explained that she decided to invest in the hope of starting «worthy» a life. Dmitry put 880 thousand rubles in the pyramid, however, unlike other depositors, requiring the return of its money from arthur vardanyan, the founder «cashbury», a man decided to present claims to russian stars.

The deceived investor explained that he made a decision on deposits that looked at the roller with the participation of nikolai baskov. Dmitry believed his favorite artist and came to the conclusion that investments in «cashbury» – a feasible solution.

In turn, the artists did not perceive this situation seriously and stated: «do nothing prove». However, according to dmitry, there is nothing more to lose him and therefore he intends to defend his rightness in court.

This is not the first case when russian stars take part in the shooting of advertising of dubious projects. So, a repeatedly famous rapper guf appeared in a video on an online casino, despite the fact that such internet sites in russia are prohibited.

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