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January 12, 2022
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The british promoter eddie herr shared information on the closest future of ukrainian boxer alexander streak heavyweight.

A Mustache Can Debut In The Super Heavy in April - Inside

After the title of the title of the topic of the world heavyweight weight in the duel against tony belle, alexander ukil, together with the team announced the desire to move to the next division. The victory, which the ukrainian mined in manchester, opened the big prospects of the british boxing market beesed him and significantly raised his popularity.

Eddie herna, promoter bellju and anthony joshua, concluded a contract for another two fights with k2 promotions, representing the interests of the mustache. The manager himself has previously statedt that it is almost certain that the ukrainian after the rest will want to continue his called possible rivals – derek chumor or dillian white, wh spent a fight white each other on december 22. At this, the bao was to be present as a viewer and the mustache itself, but, according to eddie, he could not arrive at the battle due to weather conditions.

Briton is going to negotiate in january, and, according to him, there is a possibility that the mustache will enter the ring on april 13 at the stadium «wemble».

Recall that on the same day, anthony joshua is scheduled for a fight, but his opponent remains unknown. The british champion in his interview declares that he wants to meet wilder, but, most likely, the american will prefer revenge against tyson fury. In this case, the aidge will choose a fight with the challenger on the wbo title – dillian white.

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