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March 21, 2022
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Blizzard, computer game developer, announced updates in the overwatch game. Now before starting the match, each player will be able to choose a role.

A new game mode will appear in Overwatch

According to the new rules, before the start «competitive» or «fast» each user will define the role. It may be «tank», support or damage. Heroes of each player will correspond to the selected role. It will remain unchanged until the end of the fight.

Similarly, cyber consultations in overwatch. In each match there will be two specialists in the damage, two characters of support and two «tank».

Instead of ten qualifying matches in the shooter, you can now choose five for any role. However, then will will to continue the whole game in this role. According to the developer, the game itself and its result will be more interesting from these innovations.

Recall: in the period from may 21 to june 10, the celebration of the third anniversary of overwatch.

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