A New Regulator Has Been Appointed In Bulgaria

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June 9, 2022
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The national income agency for bulgaria (nra) officially assumed the authority to regulate the gambling business after the legislators voted for closing the state commission on gambling (scg).

A new regulator has been appointed in bulgaria

The status on august 8, scg was closed, and the contracts of the chairman and members of the commission were terminated. Is transferred to the exective director of nra galina dimitrov, which may further appoint a depet to observe the branch of gambling.

Now all disciplinary and penalties entered by scg are transmitted under the control of nra. It is specified that all applications for obtaining and extending licenses will be processed within six months and after the new regulatory body takes all the obligations to control the gembling industry.

By the way, in ukraine, the anti-corruption agency requires the president to change the law on gambling business in order to avoid creating corruption schemes.

It is also known that licensees should not apply for certification, and those permissions that were issued by scg remain in force. In this case, all duties and tax fees must be paid, and industry data is transmitted by nra.

It should be recalled that the sgc abolition law was adopted in july, after the regulator was charged with regard to its inability to effectively monitor the market of gambling business. Sgc chairman alexander georgiev resigned in february of this year after the investigation associated with igor’s magnate vasily bogkov.

The bill 054-01-51, aimed at the dissolution of scg, was filed by a member of the gerb law center alexander ivanov.

Recall, according to the application of the expert, the antipiratian memorandum will allow you to fight pirate resources.

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