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January 11, 2022
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Pamunka’s indian tribe plans to build a new casino resort in virginia worth $ 700 million. It will be the first casino resort in the city center of norfolk.

A new tribal casino will appear in America

The tribe considers the land plot for building a size of 20 hectares, which is located between the baseball team stadium and the amtrak station. The tribe plans to turn the institution in a world-class casino, which will be very useful for the local community and the region as a whole.

The tribal council will present its proposal to the city in the near future, after the project will be developed and the specificity of the institution. The basic agreement is already in hand, but the representatives of the tribe are thoroughly and in detail to explore the question. Before presenting the city project, it is necessary to approve it to the indian bureau.

It is fundamental to the fact that, according to local rules, casino can only be built in the territory that belongs to the indians. If it turns out that the historical right to land is not enshrined, it will be necessary to find an alternative place for construction.

The mayor of the city, kenneth alexander, commented on the potential of this project in norfolk, saying:

«The tribe decision confirms that norfolk will soon become more attractive for tourists in the central atlantic. The legacy of the indian tribe of pamunka also links them with our region, and we look forward to continuing the conversation about creating a casino resort».

Currently, according to the law of the state, the casino is still not legal. Nevertheless, there are many positive signs that it may change in the near future.

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