A Resident Of Las Vegas Won $ 164 Thousand In The Dollar Storm Slot Machine

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May 12, 2022
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Jackpo Won in Las Vegas

Las vegas – the city is not only bright lights, but also great good luck. The city has long become a concentration of nightlife and synonymous with azart, and it is here that people most often get large winnings and jackpots. Another happy, who caught luck for the tail, was a resident of las vegas, which received a payment of more than 164 thousand.

Woman whose name is not disclosed, decided to try happy in the rampart casino. She was attracted by the dollar storm machine on which she stopped. Lady made a few bets in a slot, and another spin notified about winning jackpot. It turned out that the machine participates in the progressivie system combo super grand progressive. As a result, a woman was able to get $ 164 077 from a dollar rate.

Happy wished to remain anonymous, but still shared his impressions of winning and plans for the future.

"When i saw blinking light bulbs, notifying about jackpote, first did not believe her eyes. Thought that this is some kind of mistake, well, or what the money got someone else. Fortune awareness came later. To be honest, still staying in a state of light shock. I grew up in an ordinary family and never kept such a sum in the hands. Probably help your children to pay a mortgage, and what will remain spending on vacation, travel and peaceful life, "she said.

To date, progressive jackpot systems are the most popular way to conduct promotional shares with large payments. Machines are combined into a single network that can even cover several different institutions. From each client rate holds a small percentage, which goes to the formation of a prize fund. When the jackpot draw occurs, the amount begins to accumulate again. In total, hundreds and even thousands of devices can take part in one system. Theraefore, six-digit payments here – far from the limit.

Recall, visitor casino four winds won a progressive jackpot of more thank $ 220,000.

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