Abdulmanap Nurmagomedov Revealed All The Secrets Of The Upcoming Fight Habib

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April 15, 2022
3 minutes

The father of the ufc champion in the lightweight weight of habib nurmagomedova abdulmanap in an interview shared his son’s plans for the upcoming fight, called the date and name of the opponent and also spoke about the prospects of revenge with corporal mcgregor.

Abdulmanap Nurmagomedov Revealed All The Secrets of the Upcoming Fight Habib

According to abdulmanap nurmagomedova, habib fight – ferguson – this is reality

Habiba abdulmanap nurmagomedov’s father gave a short interview for youtube channel fight night. In less than three minutes, the well-known coach gave answers to questions that are interested in all fans of the russian fighter. First, he confirmed the information that the next russian fight would hold no earlier than march-april 2020. This time, according to the father’s father, should be enough for restoration and training. It’s no secret that habibu is hard enough of a weight lifting (dagestan is in light weight category), so it is advisable to make good breaks between yields to octave.

Secondly, abdulmanap made a desire to spend the next fight in russia. This is a normal practice for ufc: to protect your champions in their native countries. So, recently israel adezan selected the title of champion in the middleweight, robert whitaker on its territory – in australia.

Even against raging waters, @teamkhabib is still undefeated ???????? (via kingfarruh / instagram) pic.Twitter.Com / irnd0stnnh

— espn mma (@espnmma)
october 14, 2019

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Indition to the place and approximate date, the fater of habiba said the most important thing – tony ferguson must become an opponent. Their meeting fans have been waiting for sevel years, the fight himself was transferred and broke four times. According to the specialist, now the best time for this meeting. Both athletes in the asset series of 12 victories in the ufc, and the upcoming game of the best in the history of the organization.

Tony Ferguson Must Become An Opponent

These words confirms the head of ufc dana white. In a separate material, we wrote that the president of the the organization also reported that the parties finis negotiations and the fight would be held in 2020.

Did not bypass theoretical revenge with a conor. Here the nurmagomedov sr. Confirmed the thougoht of many experts – re-meeting habib is not needed now. She, according to him, can happen only if two applicants for battle with his son will refuse to come to russia. There are no other causes. According to him, only the show remains from mcgregor and words, and he himself no longer wins three years.

Without victories, according to the coach, it impossible to be considered the best and to be in the top. Moreover, abdulmanap believees that the conior is inferior to all fighters from the top 6 lightweight rating and it will not be able to climb on top.

Earlier we reported on the arrival of mcgregor’s conir.

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