Adelina Sotnikova Commented On Russia’S Removal From The Competition

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April 25, 2022
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Wada’s decision to remove russia from international competitions caused a wave of indignation by famous athletes. Not left aside and the first russian olympic single champion adeline sotnikova. Read more in material.

Adelina Sotnikova Commented on Russia's Removal from the Competition

Sotnikova does not part with figure skating and supports his

As we wrote in a separate material, the solution of wada, based on the rhetoric of the last months, was almost inevitable. But hope was warm to the last, and the commission announced its decision, for many it still became a shock. Four years without major international tournaments and prohibition of speeches under the flag of the native country – this is a serious punishment. There is hope for the country’s senior management in solving this isse.

In a separate article, we talked about the reaction of vladimir putin to this situation.

An adelina sotnikova expressed his opinion on this score, not a familiar with pleasure to perform at large competitions under the flag of his country. 23-year old figure skater has not been involved in major tournaments, limited to participation in ice shows and musicals. But it wa was she who in 2014 won the first gold medal at the olympic games among women-single women in the modern history of russia.

According to adeline, which she published on its official page in instagram, russia has become an attack object, and attack the strongest. She also called on athletes «do what we need and stick to the end». Figure skater believees that athletes are capable of cleverly catching.

See the athlete on ice in the near future it will be possible in the musical evgeny plushenko «cinderella». Before that, she has already tried himself in such a show, playing in tatiana navka «ruslan and ludmila». We wrote more about this in a separate material.

Also, periodically, adeline holds master classes associated with figure skating, and teaches in schools. So, this summer she taught on courses along with another famous figure skater, maxim kovtunny.

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