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March 15, 2022
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Adinmo Strengthens Its Guide to New AppOintments

Adinmo, adinmo’s advertising platform, announced two appointments to senior positions: joan lacy became the main operating director and konstantin rybnikov – vice president of development.

In addition to the supervision of operations in adinmo, lacey will be responsible for raising awareness of a company engaged in mobile advertising and for fulfilling the obligations to create a moneytization channel focused on developers. It will also lead the adinmo involvement program in the industry, working with advertisers and other stakeholders to establish a scalable indicator of brand advertising accuracy.

Liesey brought more than two decades of experience in the mobile industry to the adinmo team and joined the global trade organization, mobile ecosystem forum (mef), where she worked for eight years as the main operating officer and was included in their global council. During this time, she played an important role in the implementation of numerous sectoral programs, including the "future messaging" and "trust in personal information and identity". She will remain a sectoral adviser in mef. It has all the opportunities to help adinmo make an enimensive ingeameplay advertising as a new category of mobile advertising.

Adinmo also appointed konstantin rybnikov vice president for design. Rybnikov will be responsible for developing an sdk and platform for mobile devices.

Before joining adinmo rybnikov held senior positions in various startups and companies engaged in digital advertising, including soundflow and thoughtleadr, which were engaged in real-time advertising based on openrtb and direct campaigns. Rybnikov, who is one of the founders of the kiev community of functional programming, supports the adinmo technical team, working together with the main technical director of adinmo chris write, who invested in adinmo after his deltadna games analytics company was acquired by unity technologies.

Cristan rivers, general director adinmo, said:

"We are glad that joan and kon joined our team in this key growth period for adinmo. I was fortunate enough to work with joan in both player x and i-play, and i always appreciated the strategic focus that she brings. The adinmo team greatly increased during covid, and the presence of powerful industry knowledge and management team, which has the experience of collaboration, is a unique advantage ".

Joanne lacy, adinmo chief operating director added:

"I started working in the mobile game industry 20 years ago, and it’s wonderful to return home. Being at the being category is always interesting, and the ingeameplay brand advertising is a canal with great potential, given the exponential growth of mobile games in recent years. Adinmo is in the avant-garde of digital marketing, and i am glad to join the managers team to help uschieve the goals ".

Source: official site adinmo

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