Advisor To President Uzbekistan Made The Legalization Of Betting

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April 21, 2022
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Based on the fact that in the country, illegal bookmakers, the adviser to president abdujabar abduwakhitov spoke in favor of legalization, which may contribute to the development of children’s sports.

Advisor to President Uzbekistan made the legalization of betting

Politician made a statement in the framework of the meeting in the national olympic committee.

Earlier, a draft resolution of the head of state, the purpose of which is marked by the development of football in the country. In addition, the document states the possibility of legalize bookmakers in uzbekistan.

The adviser to the president expressed the opinion that the prohibition of the bookmakers is not integrated, since illegal operators still work in the country. He also added that some citizens specially visited countries in which gambling is legal, which indicates about the demand for gembling operations.

According to the policy, based on the fact that uzbekistan – the secular state, those who believe that gambling contradict their inner moral beliefs may simply do not play. Legalization, on the contrary, will make it possible to finance the development of sports in the country.

Abdujabar abduzhaitov adds that the question of the financial of children’s sports is most acute, especially football. Theraefore, the politician proposes to share funds received from licensed market participants. Half to redirect to the development of football, and the residue to share between other sports. Another 10% of tax revenues should be included in the state budget.

Politician also asked to support football functionaries regarding the protection and promotion of the idea of ​​the legalization of betting.

Discussion of the draft resolution will be relevant until november 29.

Recall that yuri fedorov spoke about the use of russian experience of legalization of sports rates in uzbekistan.

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