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January 10, 2022
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What are the most important criteria when choosing an affiliate program in igaming vertical, whether the risks are fraught with, as well as about many other things within the kyiv igaming affiliate conference, vladimir lucinov vladimir lucinov said.

Affiliate program - criteria for choice and risks

The expert made a presentation on the topic «underwater stones when working with igaming-affiliates». First of all, vladimir explained what is the target feature of affiliate and the choice of affiliate programs.

«Getting traffic and its monetization – a complex mechanism that needs to be decomposed on small gears requiring constant regulation», – believes a specialist.

The most important thing in choosing affiliate programs, according to vladimir, – this is a calculation on the durability of the project. At the same time, to increase profits, it is necessary to improve epc (earnings per click). It is important to control exactly the traffic that leaves you. It is necessary to send it to different affiliates, and then compare them among themselves.

It is also necessary to optimize roi. Here to pay attention to such aspects:

  • Where traffic comes from;
  • How much does it cost;
  • How can i optimize.

Also, the expert focused on the fact that the choice of an affiliate program should be approached systemically, to develop a technique to come to the desired result faster.

Full information – in video.

Recall that in the framework of the conference with the report on how to promote a casino in the context of high competition, said the head of seoprof, viktor karpenko.

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