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June 9, 2022
3 minutes

Dozens of applications for job applications writing a writing author. We carefully view each of them and select the most suitable candidates for the interview. Unfortunately, in many cases, the level of examples of potential authors leaves much to be desired.

Belle, we give several examples of funny quotes, mainly related to online casinos and slot machines. The authors offer readers to meet with aliens, go to a sweet bowl party, trouble-free recipe for sorrow and much more.

So, the promised quotes:

"Decade scientists are engaged in the search for extraterrestrial mind and have not yet achieved success. Visitor online casino can meet with aliens at any time. ".

"Passengers of the spacecraft took place on board, the rocket is ready for the start. Flight to an unknown planet will bring fame to researchers and make them rich. Slot the final countdown gives visitor online casino watch pleasant leisure and a major prize, if you play for money ".

"No one will refuse to eat sweets, if the teeth and will not cause excess weight. And online casino lovers can enjoy delicious virtual desserts, receiving prizes to a deposit. So much candy slot offers visitor site sweets in different combinations. If you play for money, the party will be profitable for sweet tooth.

"Sherlock holmes is based on baker street in london and got used to fight the metropolitan crime of foggy albion. But who will bring order in the dense forests of ireland? This duty is assigned to a green man with a beard, tube and monocle. Shamrock holmes megaways slot gives you the green caftan leprechaun and get his pot with gold, if you play for money ».

"Bookmakers – the center of intriguing entertainment plus adrenaline in the blood".

"In the real world to change the seasons, it is necessary to wait for 3 months. But how do you want to hot summer day breathe frosty winter air. In the spring, admire the golden colorful trees, collect berries with bushes and mushrooms under the trees. Seasons slot machine offers an online casino to be at once in four seasons. Each of them brings a special prize if you play for money. ".

"Slot is available in casino bui for free and money. In any mode, he will raise the mood and helps forget about the sadness. ".

"Immortal roman – a story about bloodthirsty vampires, who are not alien to romantic relationships. There is hardly at least one amateur of azart, who does not want to feel herself a mystical creature, sheedy legends. Immortal romance slot sends a regular online casino in virtual romania, where modern blood circulation lives and live. Acquaintance with them will benefit, if you play for money ".

The main reason is the low threshold of entry into the profession and a large number of one-day sites with minimal text requirements. The authors who are poorly disassembled in the subject, try to pour as much water as possible, allow rude factual errors.

We do not specifically give the names of the authors. The goal is not to offend copywriters or put it on the mixture, but help understand how to write. We hope that such regular materials will help potential authors. We will be happy to cooperate with people truly dismantled in gembling, competed and ready to develop. Job description and applicant questionnaire are referenced.

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