Air Meeting Launched Between Sochi And China

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April 28, 2022
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According to the press service «casino sochi», on december 30, direct flight will be launched between sochi and shenzhen. It is known that it will contribute to the increase in the inflow in the gambling zone of tourists from china, as well as from the countries adjacent to him.

Air Meeting Launched Between Sochi and China

At first, flights are scheduled once a week and if a great demand for tickets is notic.

Citizens of china are provided with simplified conditions for obtaining a visa. Setting the goal in attracting new foreign customers, gambling zone «krasnaya polyana» acted as the chief organizer of this implemented initiative.

Visiting statistics shows that every year there is an increase in the flow of tourists who want to play gambling. During 2019, 124 469 foreign guests visited the gambling zone. The total number of visitors per year reached 700 thousand. Human. If you compare with the figures of 2018, today’s results are 42% higher.

Director for the development of gambling zone «krasnaya polyana» dmitry anfinogenov carried china to the number of countries where gembling is particularly popular and considers this country as «like a good help» for the development of the tourist component of sochi. In his opinion, tourists from china are interested in the entertainment sector and consider sochi in this venerable. Dmitry clarified that during the next two years, the project’s work spectrum will affect the development side, attractions for tourists will not work by the party and «new construction sites».

It is known that the first charter flight will be performed by the airline ifly airlines. In terms of capacity, aircraft are designed for 345 people. Some guests from china besides the casino in sochi, moscow will also visit moscow and st. Petersburg. Bcts travel service shenzhen co, will undertake commitments to the organization of the tour for chinese citizens and compensate all the costs of the flight.

Recall, in ukraine, current issues related to the prospects for the development of gembling were discussed.

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