Ajax Against Chelsea, Or As The Dutch Proved That They Could Surprise And Without De Liguta And De Jong

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April 18, 2022
3 minutes

This game is called the most crazy match of the champions league in recent years. There was everything: a row of heads, deletions, penalty and even auto chases. Players scored beautiful balls, and some looked inexplicable simply. Let’s go away from emotions and explain the outcome of the match.

Ajax against Chelsea, or as the Dutch proved that they could surprise and without de Liguta and de Jong

«Ajax» – «chelsea»: result, statistics and main points

A game «chelsea» – «ajax» held in the framework of the champions league group stage. The match ended with an effective outcome – 4: 4, which meant for the teams similar position in the group. Clubs earned 7 points. In addition, the same situation has developed «valencia».

Thus, at once, three teams will have to make a maximum effort to victory in the remaining matches, because the vouchers to the champions league – just two. In the meantime, let’s go back to a mad game on «stamford bridge», which even entered the story, because she became the fourth for all the existence of the champions league, which ended with a score of 4: 4.

First of all, it is worth noting the performance and its temporary features. Interestingly, 6 goals scored football players «chelsea». Indeed, londoners lay down on a double in their gates and in others, and the remaining two goals were clogged with maximum caution, with a penalty.

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It is noteworthy that up to the 63rd minute of the match «ajax» led from 1: 4. «Chelsea» it took 14 minutes to compose an account and stay in most two players. During the next attack, already with the score of 2: 4, the londoners rushed into another attack, but the blond decided to prevent trouble and knock off pulishić, and then land in the feet of abraham.

The dutch team player received red over the sum of the two mustard. However, the football player field did not leave himself: wellman managed to argue with the referee in a fem seconds and after a colleague to get removal.

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«Chelsea» scored another penalty, and after three minutes i implemented the last ball in the game. «Ajax» a dweller somehow restrained the razed owners of the field, going on a draw. Better than defeat, however, at 1: 4, the dutch was clearly calculated on another.

Another, no less interesting moment – meeting statistics. Londoners surpassed rivals in everything, but it is the goals of the english team loked like ridiculous finance, penalty or spectacular face. «Ajax» same in this aspect looked more impressive, despite the statistics with the advantage of the owners.


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