Akinfeev Starred In The Clip “Hands Up!”, But This Is Not The First Time (Video)

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February 16, 2022
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Today, sports editions came out with a message that the goalkeeper cska igor akinfeev with his wife starred in the club pop-pop star of the 90s sergey zhukov. But we have shown this story plucked and learned that this is not the first experience of cooperation athlete and musician. Get ready to surprise.

Akinfeev starred in the clip 'Hands up!', But this is not the first time (video)
Content: 1. Zhukov and akinfeev – touching the story of friendship2. Joint creativity zhukov with akinfeev

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Zhukov and akinfeev – touching the story of friendship

Igor akinfeev – all the respected russian football player, who for 15 years has been the main goalkeeper national team and an indispensable first number in cska. At the same time goalkeeper – one of the most closed for the press of russian athletes. He gives little interviews and admits that he does not like its popularity. Because of this, it is quite rarely removed in advertising or in photo shoots, because, as igor himself speaks in an interview with club youtube-channel: «i love to be in a closed cocoon. Even when the name is somewhere to play, participate in the photo shoot, i don’t want to call people once again».

However, today all russian publications writing about sports came out with the news that akinfeev starred in a new video «hands up!» entitled «she kisses me». This news could cause real surprise if you do not know one fact: cska goalkeeper and founder of the group «hands up!» sergey zhukov – long-standing friends.

About the beginning of friendship somehow said igor himself in his blog at live journal in 2008 (from 2011 it does not appear there for new publications). In it, the footballer calls zhukov «one of the closest, best of your friends». Their acquaintance occurred at the cska party in 2004, when golliciper was only 17 years old. The event was devoted to the first gold «army people» in the championship since the collapse of the season passed in spring / autumn format, so the 2003 championship was celebrated in the early 2004).

Then igor asked the pess attache of the club to invite their favorite group as speaking artistis «hands up!». To the joy of a young goalkeeper, the team really performed at the event and igor even sang with them on the same scene «18 i already».

But the real friendship began in 2007, when akinfeev received his ill-fated injury – breaking cross-shaped ligaments. Many pooded his ending career, but igor coped. Helped him in this, according to the goalkeeper himself, and the beetles with whom he communicated a lot while he was rehabilitated in germany. According to information «wikipedia», captain cska even became the godfather of his daughter zhukov.

Last year, igor announced the completion of his long career in the russian national team. We we wrote in detail about this in a sparate material.

Joint creativity zhukov with akinfeev

Joint singing at the event to the case of victory cska in the championship and a recent clip musical contact of friends does not end. According to all the same «wikipedia», igor starred in another video clip «discover me door», but we did not find it on youtube. And the references in the materials are invalid.

But on the official channel «hands up!» still there is one video – proof of joint creativity – live version of the song «my friend». If you have not seen this video, then get ready, because cska goalkeeper is responsible for hip-hop-composed songs. By the way, this composition is not up to the rethinking of the same name hit igor cool with igor nikolaev. I wonder how it would seem that the closed and modest igor akinfeev in public is different from the one who next to his friends: maybe sing on stage, and read rap.

In a separate material, we affected the reassons why igor decided to complete his career. You can read the article here.

Previously, we wtrote that the four-time champion of russia in figure skating maxim kovtun announced the completion of the career.

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