Alain Costroille Broke All Ties With “Plushenko Angels”. Even In Instagram

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July 19, 2022
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Alena costosa has already departed half of has probationary period in the eteri tutberidze group: triple axel fans have not yet seen, but loads everything according to plan. And only now alena decided to put a point in his past: we deal with the main sports news in the article.

Alain Costroinny Broke All Connections with Plushenko Angels. Even in instagram

Alena kosostna’s figure skater from school plushenko now watches only for sasha

The current european champion alain costosnaya conducts a painful season as in physical terms and psychological. Before the most successful athletes of modern figures decided to escape from etern tutberidze to eugene plushenko, which by the beginning of march 2021 heavily regretted. In «crystal» alena did not like that she had too little individual space in training, which is quite explained, if we remember that her main competitors of anya shcherbakov and sasha trusov rode the same coach. Indition, juniors and now famous figure skaters of russia valiev, chrome, usacheva.

The first time alena justified his transition to improving the psychological component: in «angels plushenko» she was more fun. But it did not help restore triple axel and win at least one start in the season. As a result – golding gold medals from almost all starts 2019/2020 the figure skater was not displayed at the world championship and remained in moscow to support colleagues remotege.

Paring with plushenko it turned out like an inappriate, but with some inconsistent. Evgeny generously told that he would not take a penny from the figure skater, at least a lot of resources were invested in it. No contractual obligations in her «angels plushenko» no and can not be, and the she-linn of the burde of the program remains alena. But the position of his wife yana rudkovskaya was somewhat difference: she publicly statedt that the crossing had obligations under the contract and that there are nuances who are unpleasant to both parties.


Fortunately, the transfers with a transfer ended and alena kosostna returned to the tct, albeit with probation. She will need to adhere to all the rules established by the coaches and return the triple axel, with which the coster obediently agreed. Now alena looks more thanted the pace of training, where he spends the time with their colleagues. During the world championship, alena, along with the camilage of valiyeva, the maya, chrome, darya usacheva and sophia, the appeal literally slept their «instagram» different dance video – so girls supported the national team.

Girls Supported The National Team

By the way, about «instagram». A month after parting with the european champion evgeny plushenko and sergey rozanov unsubscribed from alena kosostna in «instagram», that the figure skater did in response. In subscriptions of the official page of alena, you can find eden tutberidze, anna shcherbakov, camil valiev, alina zagitov and other stars «crystal», but none of them for the returning figure did not subscribe back. What is strange, because the same valiev constantly removes the joint video, which are repugnted with each other.

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