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April 15, 2022
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On november 1-3, the next stage of the grand prix of figure skating will be held in france, the third season and at the moment the most expected. After all, on the ice of grenoble, two wards of tutberidze will come immediately, whose chances are almost equal to success – alina zagitova and alain kosostna.

Content: 1. Champion zagitova vs debutant cosovna: nothing unclear2. Rick kihira was able, alain kosostna can too

Champion zagitova vs debutant cosovna: nothing unclear

In a sepaate material, we wrote in detail about the upcoming grand prix, where the main intrigue of the turnament was called the confrontation of the zagito and cross. Of course, there is no real struggle between girls, both of the group eter tutberidze are in good relationships. The meaning of this statement is only in the chances of success, and the a approximately equal.

If alina – already a recognized master ice, in her 17 she won «gold» olympic games, world championships, europe and final grand prix, then for alena, this debut season among adults. Yes, in juniors, she already declared itself. So, last season it was she who won the final of the junior grand prix and competed at all turnaments with two other talents ete georgievna – anna shcherbakova and alexandra.

But france will be the first to truly serious test for athletes. Even more complicated than the first adult «challenger» in finland, where she, by the way, confidently defeated elizabeth tuktamyshev. And aleena has trumps for victory.

Rick kihira was able, alain kosostna can too

The main advantage of alena – the most interesting riding among other ex-juniors, which judges always evaluate highly, and possession of triple axel. This season she presented it on control rentals, and then showed «challenger». This ultra-c category jump is highly valued and with good performance allows you to dial points comparable to quads.

Rick Kihira Was Able, Alain Kosostna Can Too

While coostful – the only one of troika treneridze, who does not jump quadruple, but her axels are confident. In france alena plans to jump threee triple achel. One in a short program and two – in arbitrary. In the first case, it will be a single jump, and in the second – in a bunch with a double toulup, and then again solo.

Arbitrary Program

Last year, the final of the grand prix alina zagitova has already lost to the athlete with triple accelers, she was japanese rick kijira. This season, the situation may repeat, but now is colleague has a chance to bypass the titled rival «crystal».

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We advise you to see our calendar of the speeches of the wards eter tutberidze on the upcoming grand prix.

Earlier, we we wrote about the 11-year-old figure skater tutberidze, which has already performed a four-first jump.

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