Alain Kosostna: The Figure Skater Revealed The Name Of The Sample Athlete

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April 21, 2022
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The japanese grand prix of figure skating in sapporo ended with a confident victory of russians by alena korsna. 16-year-old muscovite struck judges with his technique and skating. In a recent interview, she told who could affect her.

Alain Kosostna: The figure skater revealed the name of the sample athlete

Alain kosostna: grand prix cost without surprises

Even before the start of the grand prix in japan, we published our announcement, in which the three winners confidently predicted. As expected, alena costorna, rick kihira and alina zagitova became triumphs. Only alina’s blots in the short program were surprised, which seriously complicated her task and practically deprived the chances of second place. In the end, she got «bronze».

But the victory of alena costorna, especially after the conquest of the global record in the short program, practically did not cause doubt. She was ahead more than 8 points rick cyahira. Surprisingly, in a short time alain kosotnaya rose in one of the main favorites of this season.

Of course, the experts last year celebrated an excellent slip and technique of an athlete who allowed her to win the final of the junior grand prix, but in this she added confident triple axel and shows amazing stability. But it is skating that leads to constant comparisons of russians with carolina costner. Italian at one time struck all the elegance of his rental. It is it, as well as powerful amplitude jumps allowed her to win gold medals of major tournaments. In his time, carolina took «gold» world and european championships, as well as the final of the grand prix.

As it turned out, comparisons with italian are not devoid of foundations. In a recent comments, tass alena kosostna admitted that she always liked how the costner works. Moreover, the russian woman is closely following her performances, pays special attention to its movements and the position of body parts when jumping. Also during his speech, according to the recognition of the most alena, she tries to control their knees and socks, butte she does notice something, her coach, eter tutberidze, tells her.

About the world record of the kosostna, we we wrote in detail in a separate material.

Earlier, we reported how things are with a fourth jump evgenia medvedeva.

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