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July 19, 2022
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After the defeat from magomed ismailov, the famous fighter mma alexander emelyanenko fell under the wave of criticism. Now the fighter waited a storm, rested and preparing to return. For critics, he recorded an unusual appeal, more in our sports news.

Alexander Emelianenko FaithFully: Answered Critics in An Unusual Form

Alexander emelyanenko: latest news about the fight

Russian fighter alexander emelianenko forced his fans to pretty wander after the defeat from magomed ismailov at the asa tournament 107 in july 2020. After that, active in social networks ae literally hid out, which led to the confusion of media representatives and even colleagues in the workshop. Occasionally the fighter appeared in the information space, giving a forecast for a duel, reacting to the scandal with kharitonov or publishing advertising integration.

And only a month ago, emelyanenko finally became like himself. His «instagram», which has more than a million subscribers, is now re-active, and posts of various types of quality appear almost every day. With the return of activity, rumors were resumed about the imminent return of alexander to the battles. Now it is actively associated with battles against the song, datsika and mineyev. And the last one among the names in the list is a real danger for ae, then the first two is accepted more to the category «fric op pop mma». Djigan is not a fighter at all, but a musical executor (although he in the past and engged in martial arts).

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Rumors Have Resumed About The Imminent Return of Alexander to the Battles

According to the world of martial arts fans was divided into two camps. Some believe that emelianenko is no longer ready for real fights and correctly makes that it moves to the earnings of light money, others are disappointed with the fall of alexander and the actual end of his career. Some of them, such as anatoly malichin, and noted the unhealthy view of ae.

«He reminded man after stroke. In a word, looked clearly unhealthy», – commented on his feelings fighter.

But alexander himself, apparently, is little worried. In pest «instagram» he actively fools over the trick and answers critics.

In his'Instagram', he actively fools over the bastard and answers critics

Here is the reaction of emelianenko on those who managed to write off him with accounts:

Reaction Emelianenko

But the most amazing and strange post on his page has recently become a slideshow published today. It consists of four photos of the fighter, which are accompanied by animated lines from the poams of the author of these rows is the fighter himself – not specified):

«And in your little mirka

Through the bustle in the heat of care,

Not knowing the truth of my whole,

Slisse your opinions in priests».

Cherry on the cake and wathout that strange video was the musical accompaniment, on which the fighter stopped. We are talking about the composition about friendship and a smile from the popular soviet cartoon «little raccoon». Perhaps the humorism and harmlessness of his message to critics, but as a result, it turned out all as much as possible and absurd.

True, judging by the comments, emelyanenko perfectly understands and knows what he does, or he has for the years «instagram» gathered loyal fan base subscribers. Most of them are filled words of support and compliments towars the fighter.

Devotees Fan Base Subscribers

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