Alexander Ovechkin Believees In The Team, But “Washington” Is Not Able To Play Three Defeats

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June 10, 2022
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In the 2017/2018 season «washington capitals» under the leadership of barry trotz won the first victory in the stanley cup in the history of the club. Now barry is already heading «islenders» can knock out his ex-wards from the draw. Captain «metropolitan» alexander ovechkin remains to hope only for a miracle.

Alexander Ovechkin Believees in the Team, But'Washington' is not able to play three defeats

Hockey player ovechkin fails playoffs

One of the best russian hockey players in history alexander ovechkin really waited for the playly draw. Victory in the stanley cup in 2018, only the captain’s appetite was laughed «metropolitan», who sincerely rejoiced the long-awaited victory. «Ovi» he was among those who performed for the early end of the nhl regular championship for the speedy return of the playoff.

From the side it seemed that alexander and «capitals» – main favorites competition. First checking game against «carolina» only confirmed these sensations. More about the inspired game of the attacker and the team we wield in a separate review. However, on this all inspiration and ended. The first alarming bells began to manifest themselves in the following fights against «tampa» and «philadelphia». Both games ended not only by defeat «capitals», but also the flexible game leader team.

Fears were confirmed after the first two meetings in the playoffs against «islenders». 2: 4 and 2: 5 – hard kick favorites and excellent work barry trotz against his former team. The third defeat and led at all «metropolitan» on the edge of the cliff. Surely somewhere now in the capital of the us president «capsov» dick patrick together with brian maclallane bite elbows, realizing that in vain did not take the well-deserved conditions of the trot.

Now «washington» it is necessary to recoup from 0: 3, which was only four times in the history of the league. Ovechkin believees that they are forces. But his comments after lost meetings are more reminded by metaphorical arguments of a person who cannot say otherwise. Actual evidence that «metropolitan» will be able to do it, no.

However, and bury «capitals» early. No matter how cool, but in the team, despite the change of coach, there were leaders with the mentality of the winners. And, perhaps, «caps» will be able to become fifth in history who turned the course of the series by choosing from a hopeless situation. True, believees in it with difficulty.

Does not believe in this and observer of the authoritative edition washington post barry swarluga. In his opinion, trot proves its highest level as a coach than his former assistant todd rirden.

And what do you think will be able to «capsov» make historical cambek? Write your answer in the comments.

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