Alexander Ovechkin Refused The Match Of All Stars: Not The First Time

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April 28, 2022
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Honorary and popular match of all stars will arrive wilt alexander ovechkin. Captain «washington capitals» for the second year in a row misses the event for the same reason. Read more in material.

Alexander Ovechkin Refused The Match of All Stars: Not The First Time

For ovechkin, it is more important to help the team in the stanley cup

This year «ovi» turned 34 years old, the age for the attacker is quite honorable, but not pension. During his long and bright career captain «washington» learned to listen to his body. Alexander understands what to do in order to bring the maximum benefit of his team.

This season is not as bright as the previous ones from the point of view of the washers scored (only 23 in 39 games, the fourth in the list of snipers), but also the role of the captain on the field has changed. He became a more team player, less sharpened on a record for scored goals, conducts a lot of power techniques and works for the interests of the club.

Wherein «ovechkin» understands that it can be be very helpful in the playoffs, but it is undesery to work out forces, sincen with age the recovery period takes longer. Hence the difficult decision – abandon the honorary and prestigious match of all stars. And refuse the status of the captain «metropolitan division».

Exactly the same decision, the russian accepted and last season. Then «washington» held the first season after the victory in the stanley cup and all the players were tired. Unfortunately, «capital» this focus did not help much, the departed early from the playoffs. But positive conclusions were made, ovi decided to repeat its strategy and this year.

Alexander himself, this decision calls. He thanked the fans for choosing, but admitted that he was forced to listen to her body. This decision he made despite disqualification in one match, which will follow due.

We previous wrote that «washington capitals» continues to lead despite the defeat of «boston».

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