Alexander Ovechkin Returned: 4 Points, A New Record And An Important Victory For Washington

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April 15, 2022
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34-year-old captain «washington capitals» every year, we send various experts on peace, but he beats records again and brings his victory club. So happened in the match against «toronto». Read more in material.

Alexander Ovechkin Returned: 4 Points, a New Record and An Important Victory for Washington
Content: 1. Ovechkin ruffle wisdom and performance2. Video review match «toronto maple leafs» – «washington capitals»

Ovechkin ruffle wisdom and performance

«Washington», probably the most cheerful team this season. She practically does not have simple matches and easy victories. Then players «metropolitan» create a problem with which the cope more often, but sometimes no. Last game s «vancouver» became apotheosis of this statement. The team by the efforts of kuznetsov scored the first washer, and then missed five in a row. But instead of the defeat, the audience saw a worthy victory. «Caps» received and then won the shootouts.

About the first game against «toronto» this season we wrote in a special review.

Game s «toronto» it turned out not so crazy, but the problems of the club from the capital created from the first minute, when andreas unsson marked his goal to the gate httbi. Save the situation began a new contendent for a victory in the race of the scorer – john carlson. His double brought him «capsov» forward. In both ass attacks, ovechkin took part, earning 2 points.

But «metropolitan» this season would not be, if the did not create new problems. Two missed goals for two minutes put victory «washington» for a huge doubt. But the captain intervened – alexander ovechkin. At first, he equalized the bill in the 45th minute, and already in overtime implemented most of their club.

This goal allowed russian to beat the record of luke robitala and become the 12th player in history in the number of goals in nhl. The famous extreme striker even recorded a video message that «washington» posted on his page in «twitter».

About another record of ovechkin, who submits him, you can read in our separate material.

After this washer, alex occupies a second line in the list of snipers, yielding at the moment one goal of czech dal pastryaka from «boston». The club itself will temporarily lead «eastern conference». After the victory on the nhl website, ovechkin comments about the won match and chances «toronto» take the stanley cup.

«Ovi» said that despite the presence in the team of talented players, «maple leafs» still have to work a lot and led to an example «capsov», who, before taking the cup, played four years under the leadership of barry trotz, suffering both ups and falls. It is necessary to search for the iteal formula and cohesion of leaders.

Video review match «toronto maple leafs» – «washington capitals»

Earlier we wrote about why ovechkin – untouchable in a team and who protects it.

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