Alexander Volkov About Plans In Ufc, Fric-Battles And The Return Of Habib

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July 27, 2022
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A month later, the fighter ufc alexander volkov will fight against the famous prospect of sirila ghana. In the meantime, the athlete gave a detailed interview, which spokeer, habiba and emelianenko. Read more in the news of mixed martial arts.

Alexander Volkov About Plans In UFC, FRIC-Battles and The Return of Habib

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Alexander volkov is not going to leave ufc

The fifth number of the ufc heavyweight rating number alexander volkov in late june will fight the third issue of syril gan. Victory in this meeting will allow russian to come close to the championship. A month before the fateful meeting, alexander gave an interview with sport24, which shared expectations from the fight and wondered to other topics from the world mma.

As for the upcoming confrontation, the wolves consider ghana a good and convenient rival. Russian is glad that he finally got the drummer, and not a fighter, and hence he will be able to work with him in the rack (alexander himself came to mma from karate). Despite the fact that syril is not very media at the moment, the fighter, alexander i am confident that the victory will open his way to the championship fight against nganna.

Alexander Volkov

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It was not in conversation with journalists and without the theme of the most successful russian in the ufc habib nurmagomedov. After supply «eagle» from ramzan kadyrov about the duel with a fighter from his club «ahmat» many seriously spoke about the return of the invincible dagestan. Volkov believes that «eagle» this fight would be uninteresting, as he would not bring him anything but money. However, say that he will not take place in the future, alexander also did not. The fighter believes that nurmagomedov may be a more interesting meeting with george saint-pierre. Recently, information about the desire of gsp went back to octave for the sake of meeting with habib. The latter was previously also interested in this.

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Explained his position of wolves and about the so-called fric-battles. Unlike many athletes, alexander is not against this type of spectacle. Cause simple – such fights attract attention to sports in general. So, according to the fighter of the ufc, after the fight emelianenko with coconaev, many were interested in sports. And interest in sport directly affects the fear of the fighters themselves. Also, russian noted that is not against the future to fight will pay for it, and a popular person will be paid by the opponent. However, it is possible only after the expiration of the contract with ufc, but for now, the wolves associate its future with this this organization. He is not going to break obligations with the most popular promotion and plans to become a champion.

Fighter Alexander Volkov

Source: instagram.Com / volkov_alex

We could not interlocutors to bypass in the conversation and the topic of morgettern. Previously, many fighters, among whom alexander schemenko and habib nurmagomedov turned out to be negative about the popular singer. Volkova has a different position. According to him, he does not apply to him seriously, only as a young man who who «happy», and does not see anything wrong with it. Moreover, wolves admitted that the singer’s music stands on his alarm clock, as he «loves to wake up with the first roosters». Understanding the fighter and the position of schemenko. He does not think that the ex-representative of bellator wanted to increase its popularity to its statement, the whole thing in his sincere position.

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