Alexey Moiseev Commented On A New Version Of The Draft Law On “Surrogate Currencies”

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April 21, 2022
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According to depety minister of finance of the russian federation, alexei moiseeva, mining cryptovalyti will not be banned. He noted that, despite the developed laws regarding the issuance and use, cryptocurrency, the issue of their mining is not acutely discussed, informs bitroad.

Alexey Moiseev Commented On A New Version Of The Draft Law ON'surrogate currencies'

Representatives of the bitcoin community were wary of such a statement. After all, the very fact of the turnover of cryptocurrencies in the state is under a big question and the statement of moiseeva has no reason. The wording that will appear in the bill, – «production for sale», – according to moiseeva, he sounds generally and not quite right.

«The task of creating a bill on the turnover of cryptocurrency is to minimize the risks, which, according to experts, will be able to influence the country’s economy as a whole, to increase the level of economic crime and t. D. The technology in its free decentralized form will not be able to exist where there is a danger of loss of control over emerging issues. If this happens, we will suffer – simple citizens. I believe that the global spread of surrogate currencies in the country will lead to an increase in inflation and aggravation of the economic crisis».

Experts do not support the opinion of moiseeva, considering that the wording in the document does not take into account all the specifics and complexity of surrogate currencies. Concept «cryptocurrents» in the adoption project looks narrowly.

The term impleies that a surrogate unit – money laundering, racket, drug trafficking and other, which, according to authors, is synonymous with «cryptovaya». Such a single-sided judgment should indignant representatives of the bitcoin community for which bitcoin – this is a whole digital distributed network system.

Moiseev stressed that russian citizens mostly use the national currency for payments for goods and services. At the expense of mining, the representative of the ministry of finance said the following: «if you have connected computer power and cryptocurrency lane – there will be nothing. Another situation, if you sell cryptocurrency for rubles. Officially, we do not recognize it we with a means of payment».

Recall: in march 2016, the ministry of finance of the russian federation has prepared amendments to the criminal code, establishing a punishment for the issue of moneytary surrogates for the purpose of sales. It was assumed in the form of imprisonment for up to four years for individuals and up to four years in prison with deprivation of the right to hold certain positions for top managers of banks and financial.

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