Alexey Zheleznyakov Told Plushenko, How A Loving Wife Should Behave

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July 7, 2022
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Choreographer tutberidze alexey zheleznyakov published another post on his page «in contact with», who dedicated the scandal with evgeny plushenko. Zheleznyakov intends to end the conflict, but it complicates the task of the regirement of rudkovsky. The most recent sports news already here.

Alexey Zheleznyakov Told Plushenko, How a Loving Wife Should Behave

Choreographer alexei zheleznyakov expressed bewilderment why rudkovskaya so wants to send her husband to ring

Choreographer eteri tutberidze, alexey zheleznyakov, continued the sensational theme of his own conflict with evgeny plushenko and his wife yana rudkovskaya. Despite the fact that the representative «sambo-70» already brought public apologies and took his words with insults and challenge to fight back, the family of the olympic champion is not going so just to let this situation.

The topic of the scandal picked up most of the popular media and other figure skating stars. Mostly, everyone concentrated on a fight for which yana rudkovskaya is so acting and to which yevgeny plushenko coach has already begun.

At this expense, alexei zheleznyakov released a new publication on the social network, striving on the theme of the family of the olympic champion’s family to catch the haip on a duel with a representative of the competing school of figure skating. Most of the choreographer was surprised by the mood of yana rudkovskaya, which perfectly knows about the health problems of her husband-athlete and can estimate the approximate consequences of any possible outcome.

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Zheleznyakov does not deny: plushenko – strong and prepared enemy, but he is not a boy for beating. The choreographer told that he has a discharge on judo and many years of experience, also his physical form today is in excellent condition. However, even with potentially positive defolds for alexey, his spouse opposes the fight, since both opponents can twist each other and leave a footprint for all life.

Why Rudkovskaya so wants to send her husband to ring

The choreographer admitted that his wife called him to think about the consequences in case plushenko receive damage to the back. Eugene may remain disabled for life, and the life of both opponents can be broken forever, since plushenko with rudkovskaya definitely will not let off the abuser it from the hands.

«Now the question to the respected jan rudkovskaya, are you really for the sake of fleeting fame and earnings are ready to put your husband into the ring, without thinking about the consequences?» – added choreographer to the spouse of a specialist.

Zheleznyakov decided to put the point in this topic once and for all, declaring that the battle would not take place, and it will find out the relationship with plushenko, he will be in his own amplua – figure skating. Alexey clarified that she was not going to bring personal apologies to the olympic champion, as he already apologized to publicly in the social network, where he insulted his colleague.

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