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April 21, 2022
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Manager nurmagomedova ali abdel-aziz once again surprised. On his page in instagram, he laid out a promo party between habib and maeveter. According to him, he was planned for january 2020, or still planned? We understand in the material.

Ali Abdel-Aziz: Habib manager launched everyone

Failed superfight between habib and maevezer

Last week was rich in infoovoda. The mansion among them was the news about the return of floyd maivera in ring. Of particular interest was the hint of an invincible boxer to participate in this chapter ufc dana white. Of course, after that, rumors and theories were immediately crawled about what it all turns.

In a separate material, we reasoned on topic of whether this post is connected with a possible meeting of the american with habib. Then we came to the conclusion that, most likely, if the battle and happens, then not before autumn 2020. In this case, the question becomes logical, why now infect info?

Even more skyatitsy added manager nurmagomedova ali abdel-aziz. The day after floyd’s message, he laid out a marriage that reports that habib and meiweather meeting will be held in january 2020 in saudi arabia. Part of the media accepted this message as a full announcement of the event.

However, no one has reported more about the like. The social networks of both fighters were silent about it. Then it became clear that ali, seeing the post of floyd on cooperation with dana white and returning to the ring, decided to tell the story before i had to be silent. From the description to the video it becomes clear that floyd and nurmagomedov battle was to take place in january 2020, but personally prevented by the head of ufc, «forcing floyd to hide for a long time».

Now, when it was announced openly about their cooperation, it became possible toel and about the invited. But in this case, another question arises, if not habib, then who? Or still if habib, then when?

Surrounded by habiba, repretesented by his father, abdulmanpa, and another manager, rizvan magomedov, argue that «eagle» return to octave in march-april. And it is logical, mma fans have already frozen waiting for a meeting with ferguson and want to close this question once and for all. And only after this meeting will be perfectly encountered with maeveter.

But if not habib, then with white white can arrange a grand meeting? Write your options in the comments. Maybe this is jorge masp?

In a separate material, we wrote that the owner of the belt ufc bmf belt jorge masvidal is ready to challenge saul alvarez.

Earlier, we reported that nate diaz announced the completion of the career.

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