Alina Zagitova Began To Prepare For “Sleeping Beauty”

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April 26, 2022
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Olympic champion alina zagitova began preparations for the show tatiana navka «sleeping beauty». At the same time, the figure skater refused to participate in the demonstration performances on the gala concert in turin, referring to the injury. Read more in material.

Alina Zagitova Began to Prepare for'Sleeping Beauty'

Zagita injury was not very serious

At the end of the final of the grand prix in turin, alina zagitova could not accept participation in the traditional gala concert. Cause – injury, whose character all this time remained unknown. Only yesterday, the president of the federation of figure skating on the skates of russia told that it was a hip injury. According to sports media, the champion was injured after an unsuccessful landing from double accele.

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Butt, apparently, now the state of the doctors allowed her to go to ice. At the very least, this conclusion can be made after the information that alina zagitova took part in the first rehearsal of the new year’s show. We are talking about the formulation of tatiana navka called «sleeping beauty». Original photo with figure skater on his page laid out alexey dontsov, cska hockey player.

The fact that alina took part in the rehearsal, it became known from the fan page dedicated to the figurekee, teamzagitova, which has 57.7 thouusand. Subscribers. In any case, the health of athletes is not worth worrying, as the ice show rarely impleies dangerous jumps. Plus, if we are talking about the first rehearsal, then at this stage only movement on ice and choreography is discussed. The start show itself is scheduled for december 27.

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