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April 20, 2022
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Today it became known that the olympic champion in figure skating alina zagitova will join the acting casta of the new movie castor, which will remove the son of the famous actor alexander domogarov. Read more about new amplua known champion – in our material.

Alina Zagitova debuts in big cinema

Champion alina zagitova knows what to do in the future

Times change. Previously, after the end of the career, many athletes did not know what to do in the future, life without his beloved classes was difficult to imagine. Now in the direction of sports, a large number of views are directed and the sponsorship contracts are at these glances. Participation in advertising, release of your clothing line or cosmetics – increasingly, you can see athletes outside our usual amplua. In particular, if you have already achieved a lot in sports.

Something similar happens to alina zagito. Broke into adult figure skating, the young russian woman reached unprecedented heights, winning all the main tournaments and first – olympic games. After that, the ward tutberidze may not be so acute to perceive the competition, which is happening among the women of singles, because she has already proven everything.

This, of course, does not mean that alina will start riding the sleeves. Already this friday fans will see her struggle for «gold» at the grand prix in japan. More about the tournament and chances for victory we wrote in a separate material.

But at the same time, zagitova and its managers are competently suitable for future figure skater out. Already now she is the face of the russian division of puma, ambassador of the japanese brand of cosmetics shiseido ginza tokyo, and in a short time, within the framework of cooperation, alina will release his lipstick line.

But this is not all. Then the champion becomes the heroine of commercials, and soon she will have a chance to make a debut in big cinema. And not alone, but with your faithful friend, a dog misaru. This project is called «palm», it will be implemented by the russian director alexander domogarovy-jr. In cooperation with japan and will elaborate by the mood with the film known for the whole world «khatiko». The role of alina will not be the main thing, the figure skater will appear with misaru in several scenes, but still this is a great start for the future in the movies.

But while all this plans and relatively distant future. The attention of the fans is now focused on the grand prix, where alina will resist alain kosostna and the kidnapper «gold» last year’s final rick kihira.

On the victory of the kosostna in france, we wrote in a separate material.

Previously, we reported on the triumph of men figure skaters at the tournament in moscow.

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