Alina Zagitova Is Looking For Himself Outside The Ice Isna

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April 22, 2022
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Olympic champion alina zagitova published in his instagram post, which once again revealed the athlete fans from the new side. Read more in material.

Alina Zagitova is looking for himself outside the ice isna

Drawing, cooking, and now pottery art: zagitova continues to amaze

Love fans – this is almost immeasurable, but very tangible power. In sports, love begins with the success of an athlete in his business. Victory fall in love with fans. But after the acquaintance of fans with the idol through the sport begins another – his hobbies. And it brings closer athlete with his audience even more.

This is especially felt when a person, in addition to his main profession, which pays almost all his time, is also engaged in other things. So, the fans of alina zagita know that only riding the case is not limited. The famous champion also draws, preparing, and soon makes debuts in big cinema.

On culinary talents that alina demonstrated on one of the japanese tv shows, we wrote in a special article.

The versatility of the development of the talent likes fans, and the figure skater continues to demonstrate all new hobbies. Today on its page in instagram, a post with photos and video appeared. It becomes clear from it that alina tried herself in pottery. In a special apron with the image of masar (dog skater), she tried to sculpt from clay on a pottery circle.

Interestingly, in the upcoming film champion will play with his favorite dog. More about the preparing project we wrote in a separate material.

In photographs zagitova is located with his choreographer daniel gleihenghaus. In the comments, fans, of course, celebrated the talent of their idols, but asked not to throw figure skating.

And already on december 5, the fans will be able to see alina on ice in the final of the isu grand prix in turin, where, in addition to her, three more russian figure skaters will perform, her colleagues «crystal»: alexander troopsova, anna shcherbakova and alain kosostna.

Earlier, we wrote about why alina zagitova continues to be the best figure skater right now.

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