Alina Zagitova On Japan Open 2019: Results Of Competitions For Figure Skater

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April 11, 2022
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Alina zagitova made his debut in this sports season in the japan loved to her at the japan open 2019 tournament. About how the operating world champion and who was able to give her a worthy opposition – in our material.

Alina Zagitova on Japan Open 2019: Results of competitions for figure skater

Zagitova and site – eternal love in figure skating

The japanese city of the site has become a really cult destination for the russian figure skater alina zagitova. After all, it was here that she won her first «gold» at the world cup in the spring of 2019. Therefore, debut in the new sports season in this city was very symbolic. In japan, the figure skater came not alone, but acccompanied by his colleague «crystal» alexandra podovoye.

Ex-junior now crashes everything in his way. Sasha has already conquered everyone in slovakia, passing the records previously owned by alina zagito. In the country of the rising sun, trusov decided not to retreat from the plank given earlier and again issued a great perfomb on ice. Fortunately, japan open format allows you to reveal the full potential of athletes without a swing. This is a team tournament on which athletes show only an arbitrary program. More about format we wrote in a separate material.

Alina presensed its new program «cleopatra», which viewers could see on control rental in moscow. But this time the russian woman was fulfillment and in his new beautiful suit. Judges estimated her performance at 154.41 points.

The nearest persecutor of alina and her offnder on last year’s final of the grand prix rick kihira scored almost 10 points less. But this was not enough to become the best among women. After all, sasha trusov earned 160.53 points.

Alina gave way to his colleague, but did not lose, as the team tournament. According to the first place, and the girls celebrated the common victory. But this case should pay attention to the fact that this season it is coward that will become the main ruling tutorial.

But while alina enjoys another trip to japan, who has already become a second home for her and gifts that devotees fell asleep.

Earlier, we wrote that yudzuru khan was the most popular figure skater in the world.

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