Alina Zagitova: Results Of The 2018/2019 Season And How Does The Figure Skater Spend Their Holidays

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February 17, 2022
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His speech at the show etherea tutberidze in krasnodar alina zagitova officially graduated from the season and went to the deserved holidays, which she decided to spend not somewhere in the resort places, and in his native izhevsk.

Alina Zagitova: Results of the 2018/2019 season and how does the figure skater spend their holidays
Content: 1. Results of the 2018/2019 season for alina zagitovaya2. Non-standard villages alina zagito

Results of the 2018/2019 season for alina zagito

Season 2018/2019 turned out to alina zagito complex, but still successful. Experts on figure skating and fans of athletes were seriously excited about how the native of izhevsk will spend its second season in adult riding. First of all psychologically, because alina had to prove that her victories were not just a bright and short outbreak.

And it all began to be the best way – «gold» at the tournament nebelhorn trophy in germany in september. Then two victories at the grand prix stages in finland and in russia.

The first alarming bell sounded in the final. Alina almost 7 points gave way to japan rica kihir, but eventually graduated from «silver». Is it possible to name the second place on the grand prix? Of course not. But against the background of overwhelmed expectations after the victory for oi in south korea, it could see that yes.

Seems to be, «silver» sharp the confidence of the figure skater in themselves. Plus it is impossible to discard and the factor of growing. In an interview with zagitov, it was recognized that in connection with the increasing growth, it feels discomfort and pain in the muscles and bones. And this is normal from the point of view of biology, but again reflected on the results, namely at the russian championship.

Alina was coming first after a short program, but failed arbitrary (12th result). As a result, at that time the current champion of russia graduated from the tournament only in fifth place. True, it still gave her the opportunity to speak at the european championships in minsk. But here a similar situation happened here. Short program – confident first place. Arbitrary – mistakes and, as a result, «silver».

And the victory for che-2019 won sophia savorov. Read more about the results of the european championship, you can read in our special material.

After that, in the media seriesly spoke about the psychological problems faced by the figure skate. Everything had to solve the world championship in japan. Alina was preparing for him particularly diligently, and the parents and coach managed to be protected from excessive stress. At this point, the figure skater practically disappeared from social networks and information from it came to a minimum. The athlete itself said in an interview that she herself would be the main rival for her at the tournament:

«I myself myself rival. The main thing – cope with your emotions and excitement».

And zagitova coped to perfectly, proving to skeptics that her victories were not random, and she herself was not a one-day athlete. From the nearest pursuer in the face of elizabeth tursnbaeva alina, almost 13 points broke away. In detail about the results of the world championship in the site, you can find out in our separate review.

Non-standard villages alina zagito

Winning the main international tournament (after the olympic games), the figure skater was able to exhale and after participating in several ice shows in japan and russia went to the well-deserved holidays.

To the surprise of many, the russian woman went not to exotic countries by the type of the same japan, which the girl actually loves. In an interview, zagitova even told that in the future do not mind to live. Alina zagitova went home to izhevsk.

In izhevsk, her warmly met the fans with a poster «alina! Izhevsk with you!». The figure skater left autographs and photographed with fans. But athlete’s homeland flew not to just relax, but also to congratulate his father, hockey coach ilnaz zagitova, who had a birthday on april 30.

How much figure skater will stay in his hometown – unknown, but judging by her story in instagram, the girl is something to do. For example, you can learn the driving of the car. Roads, it should be notic, here far from the metropolitan, but, judging by the satisfaction of the face, it does not upset it.

Alina is not the only russian athlete who is trying to visit native places at any convenient case. So, the famous football player alexander golovin, who is now protecting colors «monaco», recently confessed that when he appears free days, he tries to come to his native kaltan (kemerovo region). We previously told that the golovin spoke on the prospects for his current team.

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