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April 26, 2022
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Famous japanese figure skater mika ando expressed her opinion about the decisions of alina zagitova about a pause in a career. The champion believees that she will go to the russian woman in favor of read more in the material.

Alina Zagitova Will Be Stronger in The Future - Mika Ando

There are no problems from zagito

Miki ando on december 18 will be 32 years old, she has already completed his career, winning at different times the gold medals of the world championships, four continents and japan. She, like no one else, knows what mattsers and how to overcome it. The first world champion title she won won she was 19 years old, and then repeated the achievement at 23. Theraefore, she does not see anything terrible in the fact that the russian figure skater alina zagitova decided to take a pause in his sports career.

Learn more about the decision of the olympic champion about the suspension of the career and the scandal broken down on this occasion can be read in our material.

Moreover, in the opinion of miki andoo, alina zagitova could with a clear conscience to finish his career after the victory in the olympic games, as other athletes did. But she continued to compete, won the world championship after this and despite the fatigue, continued to perform this season, reaching the final of the grand prix. Japanese marked that alina proved that she was a great athlete and fully supports it in the decision.

Miki believees that over time alina will only become stronger. Now she needs to survive the time of growth, wait, wait psychological and hormonal balance will be restored. After that, she will return more feminine and herself will decide – compete or participate in the show. The main thing about the conviction of the champion, so that zagitov did not lose his love for figure skating.

The fact that the career of a successful figure skater is possible after 20, now proves elizabeth tuktamysheva, which on december 17 turned 23. The other day lisa showed a four-first jump in training. Read more in material.

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