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January 11, 2022
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Casino in the capital of north korea, pyongyang has no connections with chinese platforms for online payments alipay and unionpay.

Alipay and UnionPay do not provide services in the Casino of North Korea

Earlier, the south korean news edition nk news reported that the casino «pyongyang» hotel yanggakdo offers online money transfer services through chinese alipay platforms, unionpay and wechat pay.

At the moment, promoting international financial transactions with any company associated with the north korean regime is a violation of the sanctions regime introduced by both the united nations and the united states.

Consequently, the inhabitants of the dprk do not have access to foreign websites. But on the territory of the casino, according to nk news, guests are provided with free wi-fi for players ahead of time did not cash winnings. The publication quotes the guide from the chinese company young pioneers tours, which claims that services are provided in order to provide «hairolleram» access to money during the game. Moreover, nk news has published a photograph of signs in the institution where alipay and unionpay logos are clearly seen.

Alipay representative rejects partnership with north korean casino.

In august alipay and wechat announced the conclusion of transactions with solaire resort & casino in manila, because chinese tourists began to visit gambling places in the philippines more often. Companies are also available in some macau establishments.

In north korea, there are only a few land casinos, including imperial hotel & casino in rason free trade zone. The country is trying to expand this industry even by attracting international investors in order to obtain solid currency.

Recall that at the end of last month, north korea stopped working on a major project of the resort casino in a blueju, the economic zone along the border between northern korea and china, which thus depended on the chinese clientele.

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