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January 6, 2022
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Yesterday «zenith», «krasnodar» and «spartacus» conducted the final matches of the group stage of the league of the europe and everything lost to their rivals. However, only the moscow cluf did not enter the playoff.


Photo source: nvdaily.Ru

After the departure of cska and «lokomotiva» from the champions league, hope for the european cup spring with the participation of russian clubs remained only on «krasnodar», «zenith» and «spartacus», who on thursday held their latest matches in the europa league. Unfortunately, fans, all three teams were defeated.

«Slavia» prague – «zenith»


«Seville» – «krasnodar»

3: 0

«Villarreal» – «spartacus»


But despite the defeats, the main loser was moscow «spartacus», because «zenith» and «krasnodar» even before the last confrontation, they provided themselves to the following stage. The moscow club needed only a victory, and it seemed quite real.

Spaniards are currently at the bottom of the tournament table and before the match changed the head coach. On the other hand, and «red-white» only a month ago, they changed the mentor, but all problems oleg konon could not solve.

The match was hard, the moments were both at one, and another team, but did not see big speeds of football speeds. «Spartacus» allowed a large amount of marriage and, issuing good segments, and could not bring them to life.

Eurocupcock competitions left mixed feelings. On the one hand, there were excellent matches performed by cska, who beat twice «real», there were victories «krasnodar» above «seville» and «lokomotiva» above «galatasaray». On the other hand, out of 5 teams will continue the struggle for european trophies only two. Now russian football is waiting for a winter break, and the task of coaches and leadership – correct your mistakes to concentrate on the winter transfer window and the domestic championship.

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