All Types Of Casino Armenia Will Pay Income Tax

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April 18, 2022
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David ananan, the head of the state revenue committee, said that next year the online casino control measures will be strengthned.

All Types of Casino Armenia Will Pay Income Tax

Also, the head clarifies that from 2020-2021. Terrestrial, as well as online casinos will be forced to pay a profit tax and not a fixed duty, as at the moment. This means that the amount of taxes will directly depend on the size of the gaming rates. New rules also apply to online casino – segment, follow the turnover of which is much more difficult.

Information about all the accommodated rates will be sent to public revenue servers. In this regard, the draft law has already been developed, which will be sent to parliament for further consideration.

David ananan also clarifies that not personal data of a particular player will be tracked, but only the amounts of its rates will be monitored. Each bet has its own identification system. The same applies to the rates that are performed on casino servers outside the country. According to ananyan, such transactions will not be ignored either.

The tax code with its new changes states that since 2020, all the tote of the republic will have to pay income tax. So, for a casino of all kinds, fixed state fees will be increased, after which since 2021 they will also switch to income tax. The amount of fixed duty will be equal to $ 11 million per year. It should also be noted that in cities such as jermuk, tsakhkadzor and sevan, the amount of duty will be lower in comparison with other.

Recall, the inhabitants of the crimea do not support the project to create a gambling zone.

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