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April 27, 2022
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After failing to vote for the legalization of gambling business in ukraine, an alternative draft law developed by darya volodyina was transferred to the profile committee. Review of the provisions of the document in our material.

Alternative bill on the legalization of Daria Volodyina: Review
Content: 1. Restrictions 2. Special conditions3. Reaction of parliamentarians and industry representatives

One of the most characteristic standards of the document is to introduce the principle of the entrance ticket. It is about the fact that the participants in the gambling market pay the license and do not pay tax deductions in the process of activity. According to the author, control the volume of market gambling market – utopia, so such a system can greatly simplify the process for operators and states.

Opinion to a certain extent echoes alexander dubinsky’s position, who also believes to control the financial flows of gembling business – problematic.

Based on this, volodina believes that the license should cost expensive. The document provides for such «price»: the basic cost of a license for the operation of land casinos and slot machine rooms for a period of 5 years is €25 million, bookmakers and lottery operators permission will cost €10 million.


Ground casinos can be placed only in five-star hotels, while the number of numbers should not be less than 150 units in the capital and 100 – in the regions. If the investor invests in a project more than $ 100 million, the license may be provided for free. Based on the fact that in ukraine the premium segment of the hotel industry is represented by the work of 36 enterprises, but not in each of them there is a necessary number of rooms, it is assumed that the number of licensees will be 10-15.


It is assumed that the provision of bookmakers will be possible only for 10 licensed operators. In this case, the number of pps will be limited to 260. The statutory fund of bookmakers should exceed 30 million hryvnia.

The number of companies providing services for gaming chambers will be limited to 30. Each licensee will be able to accommodate the entire territory of the state 26 objects, and – 780 halls.

With regard to the lottery segment, the author of the law proposes the introduction of one state operator with the possibility of issuing three more sublicenses.

Special conditions

According to the bill, it will be possible to play ukrainians only upon reaching 21 years. And gembling advertising will be completely prohibited.

Reaction of parliamentarians and industry representatives

Reaction of Parliamentarians and Industry Representatives

According to alexander dubinsky, consideration of a new bill – another attempt to delay the legalization process.

Representatives of the new bill due to the placement of the halls of gaming machines should not necessarily be based on premium hotels in the premium segment.

Bookmaking representatives most of all puzzled the point of banning advertising gembling.

In turn, a representative of the ukrainian national lottery andrei bokkovsky stated thatte of the license for the the lottery segment is cemeting for the market.

Recall that by order of the president of gambling business were eliminated.

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