Alternative Draft Law On The Legalization Of Gambling Business: From The First Person

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April 20, 2022
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The government bill on the legalization of gambling business has already been disassemblem by journalists and representatives of the industry to paragraphs, but with alternative documents everything is a little more difficult.

Alternative Draft Law On The Legalization of Gambling Business: From The First Person

The author of one of the alternativive bills – people’s depeuty taras tarasenko – share his own position on various aspects of the legalization of gembling in ukraine.

A record number of alternatives that appeared as if from nowhere, tarasenko explains the increased interest of deputies to the potentially promising sector of the economy, which have been in «non-working» condition. And adds that the past parliamentary convocation also trid to solve the problem of gambling business, then the folkdomally parties amounted to even more documents – 12, however, they did not come to a single denominator.

Tarasenko adds that the legislative alternatives filed – the developments that are already discussed during joint consultations in order to harmonize the main provisions.

The most efficient way to combat the shadow market of gambling tarasenko, like many others, considers legalization under state control of state. The depeuty believees that the authorities should regulate many internal aspects of business – monitor money turnover, equipment and t. D. He also adds that legalization and liquidation of the shadow segment im impossible without cooperation with gambling regulator and law enforcement agencies.

The legal market is equally important to introduce the global practice of preventing the prevention of gambling dependence and the principles of responsible gambling.

Gambling SHOLD BE Practiced in Gambling Zones

According to the author of an alternative bill, gambling should be practiced in gambling zones and on the streets of cities may remain exclusively objects of the lottery segment of the business. This is the main difference from the government approach to legalization. Also tarasenko adds that the decision to allow to open gambling facilities in hotels marked by three stars may be extreme destructive to affect society.

An effective way to combat shadow turnover tarasenko calls the transparency of money transactions within the industry. To ensure this it is necessary to develop a monitoring system.

As a personnel reserve of the gambling regulator, the depeuty proposes to attract international professionals. Anyway, at the primary stage of the market.

In relation to the fight against ludomania, according to tarasenko, a whole range of measures is needed – creation of the register of igno-dependent, the development of a specialized program for the treatment of illness and the coverage of issues in the media.

Recall that experts advocate the use of european and american development experience and regulation of gambling business in ukraine.

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