Ambulant Government Decisions That Influence The Gambling Market: A Review Of Key Situations

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April 18, 2022
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Relations of the editors regarding decisions taken by government authorities in the global sector of licensed gembling operators.

Ambulant Government Decisions That Influence The Gambling Market: A Review Of Key Situations
Content: 1. Latvia2. Russia3. Ukraine4. Greece

Despite the legalization of gembling in many countries of the world, providing the state budget to stably, there is some duality in the the actions of the authorities who take new regulatory installations for such operators.


One of the indicative examples of the recent times is the proposal of the latvian parliament on increasing the tax rate on ground gambling points. Such a solution can provake the closure of small operators due to the deprivation of the license. Also, if the regulatory authority does not cope, it is possible to form illegal gembling esstablishments that will launch the shadow market and will begin to compete with licensed operators. At the same time, experts believe that payments to the state budget and the number of jobs will decreases with a large share of probability, and the flow of foreign tourists will decrease.

According to some sources, it is latvia that has one of the largest markets with illegal interactive gambling. Specifically, this branch of gambling of latvia has the greatest dynamics both by legal operators and illegally. For an unknown reason, the main capital of companies offering gambling on the internet is set in the amount of more €1 million. In comparison with other countries, this is quite high amount. Also, as the dienas bizness edition notes, the income of illegal gambling latvia last year was equal €33 million.



Interesting position is in this matter and russia with its bill, providing for restrictions on the use of relevant equipment in tote and bookmakers. The project offers the introduction of permission to use only that equipment that does not apply to the number of gambling, and its main function is to process rates, their accounting, fixing the results of gambling, calculation of winning amounts and conclusion of transactions. Undoubtedly, restricting access to slot machines may not least affect the attendance of institutions.

The draft law was also considered, according to which the bookmakers should sign agreements with representatives of sports (sports leagues, federation and t. P.) regardless of whether the domestic is a subject or foreign.


The recently developed bill of gambling business shows that the initopoly formation will be the start of legalization. The project states that only the bookmaker will receive permission to open an online casino. Also, all conditions are written under the bookmakers of countries of neighboring countries and are not focused on western european and asia countries. Most likely, the license will receive only a few largest bookmakers.


Also nothing is said about the features of casino control. For example, if they use cash registers of the sample of those times when gembling was legal, problems may arise with the registration of streaming income. Many bookmakers have successfully recorded only those minimal revenues that needed to cover costs. This ultimately can lead to a reduction in tax revenues from cash registers.


Monopoly in greece may have cut off the country from cooperation with such promising companies as william hill and sportingbet, until 2030. The ministry of finance of the country privatized oraz and provided the organization in monopoly, while holding a big percentage of profit. Some experts predicted large public budget losses due to this situation.

Recall, kkv in finland proposes to create a central regulator.

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