American Gambling Association Highly Appreciates Csr Efforts

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February 1, 2022
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The american gambling association (aga) highly appreciated the efforts on corporate social responsibility (csr) gembling-industry in the united states, after a new research study showed that this sector is responsible for charitable donations of $ 367 million (£275.8 million /€322.1 million) in 2017.

American Gambling Association highly appreciates CSR efforts

Collaborating center of the american chamber of commerce, aga prepared the first-in-kind research report on the impact and commitment of the community to organizations, employees and customers.

The aga report says that focused on all segments, it plays a leading role in certain areas, such as monitoring the overall impact on the community in which it works, assessing the effectiveness of its strategies and inform them of internal and external stakeholders.

Meanwhile, in addition to charitable donations, which exceeded $ 360 million in 2017, according to aga, 93% of its members participating in the study use energy efficiency methods in their business.

Recall: at the end of 2017, representatives of the american igor association (aga) and the commission on economic development (case) had a negative effect on the bill on sports betting, the initiator of which were senators charles sumer and orrin hatch.

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