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January 12, 2022
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The connecticut lottery corp. (clc) considers the procedural changes in the selection of winners in various games, for example, in the daily game play 3.

American Lottery: Still Machines In The Past

One of the options under consideration is the cessation of direct television esters, which for the first time came to wide screens in 1977.

The second option is to stop using dragging machines and numbered balls during broadcasts. It assumed that this mechanism will replacesed generators of random numbers (gsh), with which the winner and winning numbers will be determined.

At the moment, the company has not yet announced its final decision.

«At the moment, we are not yet ready to declare something in public», – staged on thursday press secretary lottery tara square.

Nevertheless, in an email letter dated december 20, received by government watch, the president of the lottery corporation greg smith, hired in july of this year, said employees of the agency for the collection of income that «clc project team examines all aspects of the draw process».

He added: «we study various options for improving the drawing system and want you to find out about changes in first».

Smith also said that the department of consumer rights protection, lottery business regulators, as well as designers who work in a corporation, are aware of innovations.

The spokesman for the company did not confirm and did not refute the cessation of ether or replacing the drawing machines. She only noticed that as soon as the decision was made, his publicity would betray.

Recall that on october 9, the powerball and mega millions lotteries and mega millions were circulation, in which two jackpot was played for a total of more than 750 million.

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