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June 9, 2022
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From the united states continues to receive news and major winnings in the casino. This time the 40-year-old musician ray jay became the happy owner of the round sum. The man won a jackpot of $ 17,000, playing in penny slots in san manuel casino in san bernardino county, south california.

As reported by american media, ray jay decided to try his hand in popular users with a buffalo slot machine. His rates were at minimum values. As a result, he spent a total of $ 100 before increasing its investments by 17.000%.

At the local entertainment site reported that the san manuel casino "there was a crowd to see how ray jay scores his pockets of a large amount of money".

Having become the owner of jackpot, ray admitted that gambling helps him to distract from a recent divorce with hip-hop star princess love. However, in september last year, the couple decided to resume relations. A few weeks ago, ray reported a joint move in miami to a permanent place of residence to start everyting from pure sheet.

It im important to note that ray jay retired as a very experienced player. His favorite entertainment in the casino was a roulette, in which he repeatedly won relatively large money.

Previously compatriot singer jennifer hall in casino hotel westgate las vegas has become a millionaire, winning in the wheel of fortune slot $ 1.25 million us dollars. In order to become the owner of such a large amount, the hall required only four minutes of the game.

The woman said that she went with her husband to a long journey to texas. On road, the couple touched upon the topic of large winnings in the casino. Together with her husband hall decided to call in las vegas to also try his hand in one of the local gambling establishments. As a result, this voyage allowed an ordinary american to enter his name in the history of the casino hotel complex westgate las vegas.

Recall, the owner of the jackpot of $ 26 million has folded his winning ticket in the laundry.

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