Americans Are Favorable To The Gambling Industry More Than Ever

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April 13, 2022
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Americans are confident that the development of gambling industry will create new jobs.

Americans Are Favorable to the Gambling Industry More Than Ever

American gambling association (aga) conducted a study and provided the following results: a state of 49% of the country’s adult citizens belong to the gambling-industry positively, although last year their number was 45%. The results of the study were present on global gaming expo (g2e) – the first meeting of the world gambling industry, represented by aga and organized by reed exhibitions.

The growth of a positive attitude to the casino coincides with the surge of attendance of gambling establishments, as well as well-known opinion that this business offers innovativive high-quality entertainment and supports the rise of the economy. The number of adult american who visited the casino over the past year jumped to 44% in 2019, whereas in 2018 the number of applicants was 35%. The trend towards attendance is maintained, since half of the respondents (49%) intends to visit the casino over the next year. Last year, an intention to visit the casino stated 41% of respondents.

Bill miller, present and chief executive officer aga, said that the favorable attitude to the gambling industry has never been higher than now. Also miller added that as the popularity of games in the united states, an increasing number of americans take part in the proposals of the industry. In addition, there is a positive effect of gambling on the state of the community is unchanged. Now miller puts the goal for aga to transform the incrased popularity of political capital.

The Survey Revealed The Following Indicators

Also, the survey revealed the following indicators:

  • Almost half of americans (49%) are confident that casino helps the communities in which they are posted.
  • Most respondents (57%) believe that the casino has a positive effect on the local economy, and 71% of the are confident that the game industry creates new jobs.
  • Most (67%) believees that the gambling industry offers high quality entertainment, 63% of the confident that casino – this is an innovative entertainment option.

With the distribution of regulated legal sports rates in 43 states and in the casino district, a casino or institution for sports rates will appear soon. Income from the us casino industry last year reached its maximum of $ 75.4 billion, according to the annual aga report on state status and data from the national indian commission on games.

The aga data corresponds to the previous one and show that nine americans out of ten are gambling as entertainment.

The research was conducted by mellman group on behalf of aga from september 13 to september 19 to clarify the relations of americans for gambling. The sample was 1000 respondents, the interview with which was held online and by phone.

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