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January 13, 2022
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Analysts predict that the increase in macau’s profits is possible, but only up to 10%.

Analysts Do Not Prophesesid Macoo Two Digit Growth GGR

Last year, a significant increase in gross income from games (ggr) has been observed in macau casino (ggr), which increased by 14% compared with 2017. Casino received a total of $ 37.57 billion for a 12-month period, and operators would certainly want to see similar indicators in 2019. However, according to analysts, this will most likely not happen, and the ggr growth will be maintained at the level below 10%.

Leading brokerage companies warn that ggr macao will suffer from the trade war between the united states and china. Jp morgan reports that growth will be 4-6% lower than in january last year, and that the following months will also be accompanied by ggr growth, which will not exceed 10%. However, in general, the future of the industry is seen by analysts quite positively.

«Industry trends are superior to fears: as soon as the negative impact stops, the pressure on the industry will be weakened and the forecasts will become more favorable», – declare analysts.

Exchange division of the japanese company nomura – instinet, predicts that ggr this month will grow by 5% year in annual. Experts of another reputable company believe that the increase in prices for the stock of the enterprises of the igor industry can soon occur. Is reported that despite the concerns of the consequences of the trade war, ggr macau increased by 14% year in annual. At the same time, the cost of shares has already fallen.

«In 2019, we expect much higher prices for stock prices, – specify experts. – first, the vip segment must stabilize and massively increase by more than 5%; secondly, progress must be achieved by concesions; thirdly, shareholders must be returned more free cash», – reported in the note of analysts.

On wednesday, telsey advisory group published a memorandum, which states that the market is expected, «faced with more complex losses and slowdown in income less than 10% in 2019».

Recall that in accordance with the revised law, which entered into force on january 1, all the rooms for smoking in casino macau must be approved by the authorities and comply with increased technological standards.

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