Andrey Vasilevsky Deserved His Playchal From Players And Coach

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July 27, 2022
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Goalkeeper «tampa bay lighting» andrei vasilevsky once again became one of the main characts of the match of his club. The goalkeeper claims not only to win the stanley cup, but also on the pestigious trophy. More detailed in the main news of sports.

Andrey Vasilevsky Deserved His Playchal From Players and Coach

Andrei vasilevsky repeated the historical record among goalkeepers

Despite the fact that the main russian star in nhl alexander ovechkin dropped out of the playoffs on the first stage, to watch the struggle for the stanley cup by russian fans is still interesting. And one of the main stars now in the draw, as it is not surprising, not forward, although it is usaly an increased attention paid to their game, and a goalkeeper. Gate guardian «lamps bay lighting» andrei vasilevsky now, as it is customary, «in fire». His club confidently moves to the coveted trophy and now plays a series of matches against «carolina» (in the first round was defeated «florida»).

In his last game, he reflected 31 cast, which ended only once with his gate. «Tampa» preferred to play against counterattacks, and for this reason, work, as well as responsibility, for andrei was pentious. And he coped to perfectly. After the game, the club coach john cooper called him a world-class goalkeeper. According to the mentor, have such a gate guard – «luxury», in particular when vasilevsky is in kurage.

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Andrei Vasilevsky

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But andrei himself was modest. After the game, he praised his partners by defense, stating that in terms of defensive actions it was one of the best playoff games. Vasilevsky also told that he feels confident and calmly, as well as that was very happy to play in front of his native fans, it also attached forces. Interestingly, goalkeeper praise not only his own, but also opponents. So, after the first match, the coach «carolina» called vasilevsky best in the world.

Everything agrees with him. For this reason, andrei fell into the final list of applicants for «vesin trofi» (a prize that is given to the best goalie of the season). Now he is in the top three and very close to the award (he was already awarded them in 2019). Also the victory of nad «harrickye» allowed vasilevsky to repeat the nhl record among russian goalkeepers by the number of victories. Now he has the legendary nikolai khabibulin.

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